The agency was established in 2013 by a group of Czech entrepreneurs permanently living in the United Kingdom. Since then the agency has grown into a formidable business and an expert in procurement of supplies to the UK. 

The idea to connect British architects and developers with Czech manufacturers came about as a result of repeated requests from both sides to help them broker business deals between them. Our knowledge of the Czech Republic, its traditions, customs and way of doing business is immense to our British clients. However, the main reasons architects and developers use our services is for quality products we offer them and significantly lower prices compared to other British manufacturers.

After years of success, we extended our services to include wholesale and retail. This allowed us to cherry-pick exciting products and introduce them on to the UK market. We believe in healthy competition whereby our clients benefit from a wider variety of their product offerings and competitive prices for their customers. We cater for wholesalers, retailers, builders’ merchants, importers, exporters, garden centres, pet stores, online shops and other businesses that are continuously looking to enhance their product offerings.

Last but not least, we also represent Czech construction firms, installers and other trade specific companies to carry out the work British clients require. These are not individual small-scale family projects (such as a house extension) but rather development projects. Similarly, Czech construction firms and their directors are independently vetted for solvency and legal affairs. Furthermore, compliance with strict UK regulations and practises is a must before we offer them to our British clients. In addition, our partners are part of UK industry trade associations and have the necessary accreditations in order to be eligible to operate in the UK (e.g. Electrical contractor’s association ECA, ECS gold card – electricians, CSCS card – construction sites). In this way you can be certain that our partners not only deliver the highest calibre of work but also are always held accountable.