In theory, there is practically nothing we cannot assist or help our clients with. Our aim is to be your right-hand man in sourcing quality products and/or impeccable services from EU manufacturers and construction firms respectively. Admittedly, you can do it all on your own. However, we have done the hard work for you!

There have been cases in the past where one would find a suitable manufacturer to supply building products to the UK. They would pay significant sums of money up front to cover some manufacturing costs, only to find out later that the manufacturer went into liquidation. More severe cases have included bogus companies pretending to be established manufacturers. These are the scenarios everyone wants to avoid.

At Expanse Ltd., every partner we offer our British clients is required to be vetted extensively. It is one of our contractual requirements between us and the partner to do so and the partner covers the cost of the check. The check takes into account general health of the company, payable debt to creditors and criminal integrity of each and every director and shareholder.

We also consider manufacturers’ standards and practices. There is no point in entering into partnership with a producer, which would not satisfy the high standards here in the UK. We personally examine the manufacturers’ premises and their eligibility to perform their line of business. Furthermore, we only represent partners that are fully qualified and accredited to carry out work in Britain. We understand the importance of effective communication in international trade and therefore, our knowledgeable staff at Expanse Ltd. are ready to be your support in every step of your business endeavours.


Below you find a list of the services typically rendered by Expanse Ltd. However, the list is not exhaustive and if you cannot find a service you would like us to help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Connecting you with our existing partners
  • Searching new partners according to your needs
  • Presenting products to UK clients
  • Detailed analysis of our partners, products and services
  • Full support in pre-contractual negotiations
  • Continuous support throughout the whole procurement process
  • Full support after the execution of a contract
  • Assistance in signing contracts with partners (manufacturers/contractors)
  • Assistance with drop-offs (goods)
  • Supervision at construction sites (services)
  • Assistance in dealing with planning authorities, local contractors and auxiliary businesses
  • Interpreting services at meetings with partners (physical as well as via online platforms)
  • Translation services from Czech into English
  • Representation and interpretation at court hearings
  • Assistance with the interpretation of technical terminology
  • Arranging for legal support overseas
  • Assistance in filing lawsuits, appeals etc.
  • Assistance with debt recovery
  • Additional vetting of manufacturers and contractors